Performing Fan form at SPARSH Bhopal
Self defense session for children with disabilities
Self defense session for children with disabilities

We are the provider of authentic traditional kung fu in bhopal madhyapradesh since 2003 mansuria kung fu - bhopal

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The origin of this fighting art is attributed to the warriors Manchus (native people of northern Chinese territory between Mongolia and Korea) . Specifically, it has developed within the Imperial Guard during the last dynasty to have ruled China from 1644 to 1912, the Qing dynasty Manchu origin (succeeding the Ming Dynasty dominated by Han ). The warrior art of the Manchus, airy style with many techniques of legs and jumps, has obviously been marked by the imprint of the various emperors of the Qing Dynasty and generals of the imperial army. The various conquests have also played a role in the evolution of this art as they have allowed the integration of certain animal techniques or certain weapons traditionally from South China.

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  • Grand Master And Founder  Lion Hing Sifu R sekhar
  • Instructor of Bhopal division Sifu Biju Subramaniam
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